• GG Dead Sea Black Mud Collagen Facial Mask
  • GG Dead Sea Black Mud Collagen Facial Mask

GG Dead Sea Black Mud Collagen Facial Mask

£14.99 GBP

Glow Girl Cosmetics presents you with our dead sea black mud collagen facial mask. This mask has the ability to detoxify, restore & replenish skin, ultimately leading to a healthy and natural glow. This mask contains a unique hydrogel that comprises of moisturising, detoxifying ingredients & collagen, which all come together to generate well nourished skin.

How it works

Our elite black collagen masks are formulated with key detoxifying ingredients found deep in ocean beds, namely sea mud. This high quality natural skin treatment has the ability to smooth away fine lines and feed your skin with our innovative hydrogel. It contains Dead Sea Mud for detoxification, Hyaluronic Acid and NMF for moisture and plant extracts for calming.

This cling-on mask offers 10 times more moisture and nutrients than that of ordinary facial masks. The ingredients condensed on this mask will gradually dissolve and be absorbed directly by your skin cells, regenerating and repairing them in just 30 minutes!

Directions for use:

  1. Wash face and eyes with warm water.
  2. Open the package and take out the mask and apply on designated area.
  3. Gently press the mask to create a snug fit
  4. Leave for 25 to 30 minutes, 1-2 times a week
  5. Remove the mask
  6. Feel refreshed
  • Avoid using on sensitive skin
  • Stop using if you experience discomfort
  • Keep away from children
  • Do not reuse the mask
The face mask will gradually dissolved under body temperature and permeate quickly into the skin, providing the nutrients and moisture needed. The thickness of which will then be reduced from 2mm to 1mm.
The absorption rate of this product is more than 98%.