One of the most important aspects of using our at-home roll and repair systems is the way you care for it. Using a dirty roller can cause damage to your complexion, as the tiny needles may push bacteria deep into the skin and cause breakouts, fungus, or worse.

To cleanse your roll and repair system, we advise simply running it under boiling hot water and then spraying with the Glow Girl sanitising spray, leave to penetrate and then rinse again with hot water before and after use. You should also store your roller in it's plastic case and keep it there until its next use.


Replacing you roll and repair system

We recommend replacing your Face Roller after 6-8 uses. After a period of time the bristles will become dull and less affective, and also to avoid bacteria building up on your face roller. Typically your roller will last about 2 months with proper storage and cleaning.

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