Too much of a good thing can be bad! Follow this product serving size guide to get the most out of your products without compromising your skin. Does it really matter if you apply face oil before moisturizer? Or if your sunscreen goes on first or last?

The answer is YES. Here is the order and serving size we recommend:

1. Cleanse 
2. Exfoliate
3. Mask 
4. Tone 
5. Serum/concentrates (If you're eye cream is richer and denser than your moisturizer, apply after it. If it's lighter than your serum, apply before and so on.)
6. Moisturizer 
7. Oil - This should always be your last moisturization step. This is because it acts like a barrier, locking in the hydrating benefits of your other products. (So, anything you put on top of it won't absorb as effectively.)
8. Mineral sunscreen

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