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  • New year, New Skin: How to Make Sure That you Start 2019 with Glowing Skin

    It is the start of yet another year, which means that it is a great time to start thinking about taking better care of yourself and your skin. Here at Glow Girl Cosmetics we want to make sure that your skin is beautifully glowing and radiant, all thanks to our natural skincare range.  To help yo... View Post
  • Let’s face it, the internet is full of conflicting information about what you should use on your skin and when. Some experts recommend certain products, whilst others recommend something else. However, there is one ingredient that everyone is in agreement with - Vitamin C! Whether you’ve used Vit... View Post
  • Our Pore Blaster facial treatment is also known as Cold Therapy and has been utilised by spas, aestheticians, and celebrity makeup artists for years to create instantly brighter complexions, improve the skin tone and reduce the discomfort caused by fatigued and irritated skin. But did you know th... View Post