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Microneedling Tips

  • Let's get GLOWing: My Experience and Results from the Glow Girl Roll and Repair Kit!

    Hi everyone! I am overjoyed with the positive comments that I have been receiving about my skin lately from my friends and family. Some people are very curious about my skin care routine and they are asking which products and brand I am using so here I am, sharing my current skin care favorites a... View Post
  • One of the most important aspects of using our at-home roll and repair systems is the way you care for it. Using a dirty roller can cause damage to your complexion, as the tiny needles may push bacteria deep into the skin and cause breakouts, fungus, or worse. To cleanse your roll and repair syst... View Post
  • Here's How It Works Micro needling involves rolling a Derma Roller with hundreds of little needles across your face and lips to stimulate collagen growth. The needles, when gently pressed against your skin with even pressure, create tiny punctures. This, in turn, activates your self-healing mecha... View Post