In our Let's Glow Together campaign we have been catching up with our customers to hear about their genuine results. 

"When I realised these spots weren't going to go away"

Between the ages of 13-17, spots were a burden on my friends’ shoulders as well as mine, so the task of trying to zap them was just an excuse for face masks and a sleepover. It was a teen issue that we could all share, spending hours in Boots choosing between Neutrogena or Garnier. Only when these products worked on all of my friends’ skin, but never mine, was when I realised that these ‘teenage spots’ probably weren’t going to go away with a fruity flavoured facial wash. 12 doctor’s appointments, 41 half-used skincare products and 3 years later, this burden was still lingering over my head, or, on my head, to be precise.

"I got desperate, and asked for a Dermaroller for my birthday"

I found Glow Girl sponsored on my Instagram and looked into their products. My spots, which usually appear on my cheeks and jawline, wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t for the scars that sit beside and all around them. Redness, blotchiness, ice pick scars and bumpiness- a skin texture that no matter how thick your foundation is it won’t cover those. In the product descriptions for the Dermaroller, it states that uneven skin tone and texture, and acne scarring can be helped by continued use of the product. Admittedly, I had this product open in one of my internet pages on my phone for about a year, the idea of rolling tiny needles on my skin was something that, naturally, I was fairly nervous about. However after countless youtube tutorials, reviews and yet more acne scarring I got desperate, and asked for a Dermaroller for my birthday. Being the supportive parents that they are Mum&Dad bought me the whole GlowGirl Roll and Repair face and body 4in1 kit. I cried, a lot.

"My face looked the best it had in about 8 years"

After four weeks of combined use of the Pumpkin Power mask, the Dermaroller, the pore blaster and Glow Serum, my face looked the best it had in about 8 years. My scarring had improved to the point where I switched from a full coverage foundation to a light BB Cream, and I no longer cried every time I looked in the mirror or dreaded waking up in the morning to see another spot sat upon two angry red scars. The serum, in particular, surprised me. I have oily/combination skin, so serum is something that I’ve normally steered well clear of, as lathering my skin in products normally just made my outbreaks worse. Combining the use of the serum with the derma roller and pore blaster, the product doesn’t just sit on your pores, it is totally absorbed by the skin so it’s much more effective in improving the appearance of scars while not causing my acne havoc.

"The size of my spots shrunk in under an hour"

The Pore Blaster also deserves its own small paragraph. Not only does it feel AMAZING on your skin, leaving it refreshed for a perfect morning pick-me-up, but when used before the Pumpkin Power mask the size of spots shrunk in under an hour. It’s my go to routine when I can feel a spot building under my skin. I use the Pumpkin Power mask 2-3 times a week, same for the pore blaster, and the glow serum every day in my normal skincare routine.

My skincare routine

In terms of my routine, I use the Dermaroller once a week as recommended by Glow Girl, to allow your skin to repair itself properly before your next rolling session. I choose Sundays evenings to do this. I start off by using the Pore Blaster for about 5 minutes before applying the Pumpkin Power mask for 15 minutes, and then rolling until each affected area has been rolled, I also roll at different angles a few times, rather than just up and down, avoiding any active acne. After this I apply the serum and moisturise with my normal daily moisturiser to ensure my skin doesn’t get too dry. Also, the next day I make sure I use SPF50 on my face.

"Glow Girl Cosmetics has truly changed my life"

As an enthusiastic wordsmith, I like to think that words are one of the most powerful sources we have in the world, but to put into words how thankful I am for finding Glow Girl Cosmetics at a time in my life where I thought that my acne and scarring was something that I would have to live with forever, is impossible. I can’t say that my acne doesn’t affect me anymore, because I have come to accept that I will always get the odd spot, but I can say that I no longer dread the lights switching on after a long night at my bar job. I no longer dread being under harsh lighting or do my make-up in dim lighting, and no longer avoid taking my make-up off at sleepovers until everybody is asleep. Glow Girl Cosmetics has truly changed my life.

We’re very grateful to Alex for sharing her story and allowing us to use her images to help others. If you're an existing customer and also have a story that you would like to share, please feel free to email Chloe from our PR team on No matter how big or small your progress is, we would love to hear about it. Should we publish your review, you will also receive a few Glow Girl Goodies as a thank you! Lets Glow Together. 

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